Things you don’t learn in coaching school

Misleading title. There is no real “coaching school” except experience and mentorship.

WHAM BAM SLAM! Balls are flying everywhere! My player can’t seem to find the court. His shots aren’t hit in rhythm but rather out of frustration. Shots that normally go in are hitting the back of the bubble or landing way out.

Frustration is mounting and his angst is growing with each passing game. WHAM another shot hits the bubble. A very winnable match is slowly slipping away.

On the 90 second change over I sit down and try to find out what is wrong. My player takes a deep breath, looks me in the eye, and says “coach I think my girlfriend is pregnant — what should I do”.

I’ve been asked a lot of questions during change overs but nothing like this! And it’s not fair to only have a few seconds to talk about it! These are conversations you have with your own children and hopefully without a stopwatch clicking down the seconds! Honestly I’m not exactly sure what I said..probably something like slow down, lets get through this match and then we will talk about it and your options.

And after the match we did have a long talk. And an even longer talk on the van ride back home.

Note – she ended up not being pregnant