Jan 20, 2020 playlist

  1. Dance Money — Tones and I (Ben)
  2. Badlands — Bruce Springsteen (Aidan — Can’t go wrong with Bruce Springsteen, great lyrics and upbeat feel, can’t help but want to dance )
  3. Leave it for Tomorrow – Rudimental feat Elli Ingram (Rajul — loves the jazzy lyrics)
  4. Landslide – Dixie Chicks (recommended by Coach Lance — Oldie, but love this version of a classic Fleetwood Mac song.)
  5. If Not For You – George Harrison (Matt)
  6. The River – Bruce Springsteen (Jack Fl)
  7. Wichita Lineman (live) – Little Big Town (Coach – I love the 4 part harmony and amazing vocals)
  8. Morning as Broken – Cat Stevens (Matt)
  9. Dear Today – Luke Combs (Dan — wanted to add some country to the mix)
  10. Cold Cold Cold – Cage the Elephant (Bear)

Value of a Liberal Arts Education

Very interesting study looking at wages for Liberal Arts graduates. In the short time (10 years) the Return on Investment (ROI) for liberal arts degree is lower than other colleges. However in the long run the ROI for liberal arts degree is a whopping 25% higher than other colleges.

Glad to see a study like this! A Liberal Education is so important and valuable. Not everything should be about a starting salary.

Link to article here

Article about the mess of admissions.

I found this article to be very interesting and very thought provoking. Admissions is certainly interesting and by no means is it fair.

Article from Vox — from a former Dean of Admission

This article really made me think about Early Decision. Does it help with admission — absolutely. Does it help a coach with roster management — absolutely. Does it help the institution — absolutely. Does it help disadvantaged students — nope.

Also very telling that the first three issues pointed out all deal with wealth.

Recruiting Timeline

Junior year

Start researching colleges and programs – think about visiting campus you are interested in.

  •  Jan 1  – Official visits can start Jan 1 of Junior year. Unofficial visits can be taken anytime (just like another other potential student)

Senior Year

Work with coaches to know roster availability and team spots. Good ideal to stay in touch with coach through senior year.

  • July 1 – Nov 1 Early Reads available. Important to get these done BEFORE getting too deep into the recruiting cycle. Work with coach to get these submitted.
    • Only requires a transcript, test scores (FYI Whitman is test option), and 7th semester courses
  • Oct 1 Financial Reads are available. Whitman is one of the few schools (maybe only) that will do an early read for financial aid. This an accurate estimate about how much money in scholarships and financial aid you may receive from Whitman. Link for more information
  • Admission Deadlines
    • Nov 15 – Early Decision 1
    • Jan 1 – Early Decision 2
    • Jan 15 – Regular Decision
    • Important! Financial Aid deadlines are at the same time. Whitman requires: FAFSA and CSS profile
  • Notification Dates
    • ED1 Mid December
    • ED 2 Late January
    • Regular Early March
  • Reply Dates (ie decision time)
    • ED 1 Jan 15
    • ED 2 Feb 15
    • Regular May 1

  • Note this list is specific to Whitman College and D3 athletics