Silly NCAA

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The NCAA is full of silly rules and regulations. After nearly 30 years of coaching I tend to be pretty cynical about the NCAA. After all this is a huge organization that generates billions of dollars of revenue . Coaches in big time programs get coaching contracts in the millions/year. Universities are spending outrageous sums of money on athletic facilities. All this revenue is generated by student-athletes who can’t earn money outside their scholarships (this is slowly changing thanks to the law recently passed by California). It seems the NCAA has fought tooth-and-nail to keep student benefits low while allowing universities/coaches to reap the reward from their work.

Here is my new “favorite” NCAA regulation. The NCAA is now looking at prohibiting institutions from providing snacks to student-athletes.

Student-athletes are incredibly busy and have to be really adept at time management. For example student-athletes in sciences might have afternoon labs that run 1-4. After lab they hustle to the training room for treatment, practice for two (or more hours), followed by conditioning/weight training, cool down, shower, and change. It can be 8pm before a student-athlete can even think about dinner.

That is a LONG time between meals and a lot calories burned. To help student-athletes get through these long days, coaches would/could bring snacks (trailmix, apples, bananas, bagels etc) to practice. Grabbing a banana before hitting the court is often the difference between making it through practice/conditioning or crashing and burning.

Crazy thing is if a non-athlete gets an apple from a professor during a long class it is ok. But as soon as an student-athlete takes an apple from a coach it is a violation.

Not sure where the NCAA is trying to go with this legislation. Clearly they aren’t thinking about the welfare of the student-athletes.

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