Jan 20, 2020 playlist

  1. Dance Money — Tones and I (Ben)
  2. Badlands — Bruce Springsteen (Aidan — Can’t go wrong with Bruce Springsteen, great lyrics and upbeat feel, can’t help but want to dance )
  3. Leave it for Tomorrow – Rudimental feat Elli Ingram (Rajul — loves the jazzy lyrics)
  4. Landslide – Dixie Chicks (recommended by Coach Lance — Oldie, but love this version of a classic Fleetwood Mac song.)
  5. If Not For You – George Harrison (Matt)
  6. The River – Bruce Springsteen (Jack Fl)
  7. Wichita Lineman (live) – Little Big Town (Coach – I love the 4 part harmony and amazing vocals)
  8. Morning as Broken – Cat Stevens (Matt)
  9. Dear Today – Luke Combs (Dan — wanted to add some country to the mix)
  10. Cold Cold Cold – Cage the Elephant (Bear)

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